This is your area to sound off and let others know information about what’s going on with yourself or items that maybe of interest to the association. Let’s not get political here just good old front porch conversation. Maybe you have a son / daughter or grandchild in the service and you want to brag on them a bit. Maybe you have a 44th memento you would like to tell us about or offer it for sale to a fellow alumni. Just so you know articles submitted are subject to editing for length and or content. 

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 For those who always wanted to go on a Canadian Fishing Trip, David Szprejda has gone up to Ontario the past few years with Rushing Wind Fishing Camp. Arnie (the owner) has a price of only $990/person about $300 less than other fly-ins and only $750 for veterans (5 days). This includes meals (great meals), boat, gas and anything you forgot. Handicaps are not a problem as they even have pontoon boats. No guides but helpers are always willing to go with you fishing. August 6-11, 2020 or other dates are also possible. Call Arnie at (715) 683-8098 for more information or David at (715) 587-8051. 

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