News Letter



Please take note of our Treasurer’s address so you do not send funds to the wrong place

Ron Powell  


2023 Graystone Dr.  

St. Charles, MO 63303 

We are continuing to use the new address format on the newsletter envelopes. On the line with your name there will be, for example; Rex Hurd (314) this is your membership number. This is helpful for us when we are finding you on the roster when you are submitting a renewal of membership. The line under your name and membership number is the last year your membership was paid for example; 2018. To be in good standing your membership has to be paid before the September’s business meeting and it technically expires on December 31st of each year. Maybe for a better understanding, your membership becomes due again on that date and it needs to be paid by the September’s meeting. Nice long grace period. You will find if your member date is more than 2 years to arrears, we will be flagging 2017 and earlier, you are in danger of going on the inactive roster. This will be noted by a yellow highlighter over the date.  It is important to note that if you are a few years to the arrear and for example send $90.00 to the association (6 years of dues), you will be credited with the current year and the rest will be applied to years missed. If there is money left then that amount will be applied to future year(s). We can certainly address this at our business meeting in September, so make sure you are paid up, and try to attend, or at least send in a proxy vote. The proxy slips will be attached to the Spring and Summer Newsletters that will also contain a summary of other items to be considered.  

We have a proposal for the membership to take up at our September business meeting; that all Korean War Veterans, (serving from 1950 to 1953) not be charged membership dues. This association was started by them and in a small way it is a token of our appreciation. For those of you that may qualify for this please understand this does not include amenities at the reunion and banquet fees, you still are responsible for these.

Ron Powell wants us to know that Saint Charles has a lot of Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery history, and is going to make this our theme. Check out the link below for the Lewis & Clark Boat House


Below is our host hotel and FYI the room rates are $114.99 which does not include tax. Believe me for the St. Louis area this is reasonable and our hospitality room is complimentary. Ron did an excellent job in searching one out. He is now busy getting our Thursday day trip lined out and figuring out the banquet details.  

BEST WESTERN PLUS  The Charles Hotel,  

                                   1425 South Fifth Street,

                                 St.Charles, Missouri  63301 

                       GROUP NAME: 44th ENGR BN.

                                       Hotel Direct:  636.946.6936   Toll Free: 888.274.0988 

 Fax:636.946.9640                      WEBSITE: 

Remember the dates; Wednesday-Friday 09/16 – 09/18/2020 Check out Saturday 09/19/2020.  You are responsible for making your own reservations and paying for your room.  

There will be more details to come as we get them finalized.

Important to note that Ron has talked to the hotel and you can cancel your individual rooms up to 24 hours before date of arrival. So you can get your reservation made now and don’t have to worry too much about if this pandemic continues until then. But remember if it does and we have to cancel the reunion you will be responsible to terminate your own room reservation. We will endeavor to let you know well in advance if it comes down to this. The association does have to lift our block of reserved rooms the 16thof August so it would not be held responsible for rooms not filled. If you wait until after that date we cannot guarantee you a room.

As stated in the President’s Corner each of you take a look at the; CONSTITUTION OF THE 44TH ENGINEER BATTALION section. There are some proposed changes to the constitution that have been indicated with an * (asterisk) and underlined. We can make more proposed changes but they have to be included in the Summer Newsletter for us to deliberate and vote on at the business meeting. Sorry to have repeated this but it is very important. So please get us your thoughts and or ideas on it.